Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break!

I know we have not updated in awhile. Brian's been really busy at work, and I've been really busy with school. Darn the evil brain!! Anyways, Calvin came to visit at the beginning of March. It was so good to see him!! Grace was in town for Mary's baby shower too! She brought us Portos baked goodies. Thanks again Grace!! On the first night, we all went Neptune's Oyster. Their lobster roll was pretty good!! It's like stuffed with large chunks of lobsters. We also stopped by Mike's Pastry for their famous cannoli, but we end up liking their tiramisu more.

I also went to Mary's baby shower at The Wayside Inn. Google mapped me to go on this ridiculously curvy route, which made me get lost. When I finally got there, my phone mysterious shut off for no apparent reason. Sometime during lunch, Mary told me this place was haunted AND was featured on some ghost hunting show. Needless to say, I'm never coming back here at night... EVER!! Besides this creepy fact, the place was really cozy and cute though, and the decorations at the baby shower were most adorable.

We celebrated Brian's birthday together at The Capital Grille. When we went to this restaurant for the first time, it was on Good Friday of last year. I didn't realize it until we were almost there, so I couldn't eat meat that day. LOL Epic fail for meeee!! Word of advice: Don't order seafood there. Not as good as their steak hehe.