Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1 Month Away!!

Time has passed by so quickly!  I can't believe that the wedding is only 1 month away.  Trying to get all the last minute details done early between school work since both Brian & I won't return to California until after Christmas.  Wish us both luck!! ^_^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

When I chose to go to Tufts and dragged Brian across the country, I didn't know that hurricanes reached that far up north nor did I know there were earthquakes here.  After being here for only 1 year and 4 months, we have experienced the effects of TWO hurricanes & felt  TWO earthquakes Q_Q.

Yesterday, there were lots of heavy rain and strong winds in our area, but luckily we did not experienced any flooding or power outages.  We are so grateful to have such great families and friends checking up on us to make sure we are okay.  Thank you, and we miss you guys!!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Alone

Since Monday, Brian has been gone on a business trip.  I have to admit that it's been kind of weird living alone and cooking for one person.  However, the worst part is that Halloween is almost here, and so many EVIL scary movies and movie previews have been playing on TV.  They all haunt my thoughts, especially at night.  For example, on Tuesday, a friend told me he watched Sinister.  That was all I could think about while trying to fall sleep.  Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook right before going to sleep.  I was trying to distract myself to stop thinking about Sinister, but someone posted a picture from Paranormal Activity 4.  Q_Q I kept peeking over my blanket to make sure something wasn't there.  I'm glad Brian is coming home tonight.  I can finally get a good night's sleep... oh yea and I miss him too!

On a side note, I wish all scary Halloweens movies were like this! ^_^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

100 Days

Exactly 100 days until the big day!!  Time sure goes by quickly!  I remember thinking, "Oh I have all the time in the world! It's so far away!!"  Maybe not so much now >.<...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iPhone 5

A few weeks ago, Brian decided that we should buy a new laptop for me since mine was like almost 5 years old (<3 my Lenovo).  He wanted to get a Mac for me instead of a PC since I get the most random viruses.  Once, I got one super lame virus from listening on the Glee channel on  I didn't even know that was possible!!!  Anyways, the new retina display is so pretty though!  It is kind of worth the pain and suffering I went through trying to learn how to use the MacBook.  I still press CTRL C sometimes though...  

My old Samsung Fascinate phone was dying on me.  It would turn off out of the blue.  Sometimes it would even freeze when I was trying to answer a call, and it would keep on ringing until I dismantled my phone!  Brian couldn't really hear me either when I called him, especially when I put him on speaker phone.  However, Brian ordered us both iPhone 5's, and it just came last Friday... at least mine did!!  Poor Brian.  Verizon screwed up and sent his to California.  It had to be rerouted to Boston and arrived later than mine.  I must say 4G is wayyyyyyy faster than 3G.  This new phone is so nice, thin, and light.  I kind of miss swypo though because I text at such a slow speed now.  Two Apple products within a month.... does that make me an Apple converter?  >.<
Thanks dear!  You are the best!! <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I don't particularly enjoy drinking coffee because it almost gives me an instant headache and tummy ache.  SO... I am really excited about the return of Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte. It makes drinking coffee so much more enjoyable while studying renal pathophysiology, which apparently makes no sense to me yet it makes me sleepy at the same.  What a bad combo!!  However, it was just a tad too yummy, so I consumed it just a little too fast, giving me a huge caffeine high.  My forehead turned numb, and I felt a quite dazed.  Brian laughed when I told him, saying that I need to build up my caffeine tolerance. =*(
While drinking PSL, I couldn't help but sing "This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!!.... Everyone hail to the pumpkin song!"  ^_^

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Update

Mike, Jen, & Alyssa came to visit in June.  It's been awhile since we've seen them, but Alyssa has grown so much!  We went to the New England Aquarium & Fenway with them.  New England Aquarium was dark, gloomy, and old.  Nothing compared to the one in Long Beach or Monterey.
We made a quick trip to NYC to visit James & Alison before they left for Shanghai.  They are moving so far away =*(.  Also, we went to visit my cousin Tammi too who has just moved to NYC in May.  Wee for more people on the Least Coast... I mean East Coast!!
After my dreadful MBA summer classes ended, I went back to the Best Coast for almost 2 weeks to take care of wedding planning stuff.  It sure wasn't enough time!!  I had to carry all the invitations back to assemble them myself.  I should have stayed in California a few more days for some friendly free labor from Leanne or Calvin!  While here, I also stuffed myself silly with delicious food that is no where to be found in Boston.  Brian was quite jelly when he asked me each night what I was going to eat.  Poor Brian... he was stuck in Boston b/c of work!
Speaking of California, I miss Baloo!!  I kept on waking up early for the first couple of days there, so Baloo kind of got use to it.  When I started to adjust to PST, he kept on waking me up super early by whining and walking around.  Oh Baloo... you are so silly!!
Since I was in the OC a lot to meet with vendors, I had time to visit my adorable niece Zoey.  She cried when she saw me at first since I was a STRANGER DANGER to her, but after a few minutes, she warmed up to me.  She started to poke my face and constantly tried to tear off my glasses while giggling so much!  She cried when I left, which made me teary!  I don't think she'll recognize me when I go back home next time... Sadness!!
Back to Boston!  Brian & I went to another Red Sox game... thanks to Alex & Maggie's early wedding present.  It was so fun!!  Many good plays and home runs... except for when we got to the 6th or 7th ending.  Red Sox blew their 6 point lead in one inning...
Sorry for the delay, but as usual... Brian & I have such busy schedules.  I am writing this update while in a National Health Policy class.  Hiding in the back right now, so the professor can't see what I'm doing.  ^_^

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Face Palm!

MBA summer classes, massive wedding planning, and then back to med school = major face palm!!  Will try to update after my first exam, which is the day after Labor Day.  *Another face palm....*

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Been One Year!

It's been one year exactly two days ago on June 6th that we uprooted our lovely lives in California and moved to Boston.  Both Brian and I can't believe it's actually been a year!!  We miss all our friends and family very much and hope to see you guys when we visit home next weekend!!  Until then... <3

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Hi everyone!!  Sorry we have been MIA for awhile.  Brian was busy at work like usual, and I was finishing up my last few weeks of school.  Wee finally done with 1st year!!  It appeared to have gone by so fast, yet so slow at the same time, especially around exam time.  Does that even make sense?  LOL Anyways, Brian's parents came to visit last week.  It was so good to see them!  We took them to the outlets & had lots of yummy dinners.  We were thinking of going to Cape Cod, but it seems to always rain when we want to take our guests there.  How odd!!  Then my cousin Tammi just came this past weekend.  She nudged me to help move my wedding planning along.  Few things done.. plenty more to go!! 

With all our guests & friends, I think I celebrated my birthday like 4 times. Wooo!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's over!!

Just took my final practical/MCQs for anatomy yesterday!! Weee... no more smelling like formaldehyde when I come home!! People have said that the anatomy course is a very rewarding experience, but they will never EVER do it again. I solemnly agree!! Farewell anatomy! Bye bye Netter's!

Anyways, my cousin Tammi freaked me out last week while I was trying to study LOL. It's already hard enough for me to studying for a long period of time without thinking & planning the wedding. She said I really REALLY need to start planning. I told her I'll start after April 25, which marks the end of Med Foundations III. So today, I made an appointment two weeks from now to look at wedding dresses. One thing down... a million more things to go. ^_^

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break!

I know we have not updated in awhile. Brian's been really busy at work, and I've been really busy with school. Darn the evil brain!! Anyways, Calvin came to visit at the beginning of March. It was so good to see him!! Grace was in town for Mary's baby shower too! She brought us Portos baked goodies. Thanks again Grace!! On the first night, we all went Neptune's Oyster. Their lobster roll was pretty good!! It's like stuffed with large chunks of lobsters. We also stopped by Mike's Pastry for their famous cannoli, but we end up liking their tiramisu more.

I also went to Mary's baby shower at The Wayside Inn. Google mapped me to go on this ridiculously curvy route, which made me get lost. When I finally got there, my phone mysterious shut off for no apparent reason. Sometime during lunch, Mary told me this place was haunted AND was featured on some ghost hunting show. Needless to say, I'm never coming back here at night... EVER!! Besides this creepy fact, the place was really cozy and cute though, and the decorations at the baby shower were most adorable.

We celebrated Brian's birthday together at The Capital Grille. When we went to this restaurant for the first time, it was on Good Friday of last year. I didn't realize it until we were almost there, so I couldn't eat meat that day. LOL Epic fail for meeee!! Word of advice: Don't order seafood there. Not as good as their steak hehe.

Monday, February 6, 2012

MBA Book Club

Every month, a few of us from the MD/MBA program presents a chapter in The Innovator's Prescription with a business doctor as the guest speaker. Today was my group's turn. It was quite nerve-wracking since the author of the book was the guest speaker!! We had to make sure we got all the facts right LOL. Anyways, Clayton Christensen was really nice and liked our presentation, but he's so tall... like 6'8" tall! He's the one who is the tallest in the picture. Made me feel like a dwarf.... >.<

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh noes! Snowwwww!

So we finally have our first real snowfall of the season. I think Mary jinxed us because 30mins ago, she said "It's been such a nice and mild winter so far. Didn't even get any snow!" -_-

I sure hope most of it melts by the time I need to walk to work in the morning. I don't reallly want to eat asphault at the beginning of my work day...

MLK Holiday!

I <3 school holidays. I appreciate it so much more now since I never got this holiday off in the working world. As promised, I finally had time this weekend to upload our most wonderful holiday vacation.

Here was our list of places to eat/go before heading back to the NE. We accomplished quite a lot actually. We were pretty surprised!! I'm still a little sad that we couldn't fit an SD trip or Disneyland in, but it's okay! Next time!!

Lucille's - done
Sanuki No Sato - done
Road to Seoul - done
Mastro's - done
In N Out -done
Mako Sushi -done
PHO!!!! - done
Brodard - just me.
NBC dim sum -done
Mi Piace - done
Knott's Merry Farm
San Diego

Five year anniversay @ Mastro's. <3
The family @ the Bellagio Las Vegas.

I've posted the rest on fB, so click here to see them. Some pictures are missing because we were so excited to eat that we forgot to take pictures. >.< Looking back at these pictures reminds Brian and I what a great time we had with such great company!! Until next time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frigid Blast Welcoming Us Back Home.

Hey guys!! Brian and I miss everyone already! We were so happy to see all you guys and spend time with our dear family and friends. We had so much fun during our vacation! So much that the first day of school was a total drag. Plus they didn't even bother to ease my class back in. They just cruelly threw us back into a schedule that is even more hectic than before. With that said, I won't have anytime to post up pictures on here/fB until maybe this weekend at the earliest. Maybe even after Martin Luther King Day. Sorry!!

Anyways, going from awesome California weather to Boston bone chilling weather is not the least bit fun. It was 28 degrees during noon. Now it's almost 8 PM here, and it's 17 degrees. It's so cold that the news called the weather a "FRIGID BLAST." At least I finally get to use the earmuffs Leanne bought me. They are so cute!!