Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iPhone 5

A few weeks ago, Brian decided that we should buy a new laptop for me since mine was like almost 5 years old (<3 my Lenovo).  He wanted to get a Mac for me instead of a PC since I get the most random viruses.  Once, I got one super lame virus from listening on the Glee channel on  I didn't even know that was possible!!!  Anyways, the new retina display is so pretty though!  It is kind of worth the pain and suffering I went through trying to learn how to use the MacBook.  I still press CTRL C sometimes though...  

My old Samsung Fascinate phone was dying on me.  It would turn off out of the blue.  Sometimes it would even freeze when I was trying to answer a call, and it would keep on ringing until I dismantled my phone!  Brian couldn't really hear me either when I called him, especially when I put him on speaker phone.  However, Brian ordered us both iPhone 5's, and it just came last Friday... at least mine did!!  Poor Brian.  Verizon screwed up and sent his to California.  It had to be rerouted to Boston and arrived later than mine.  I must say 4G is wayyyyyyy faster than 3G.  This new phone is so nice, thin, and light.  I kind of miss swypo though because I text at such a slow speed now.  Two Apple products within a month.... does that make me an Apple converter?  >.<
Thanks dear!  You are the best!! <3

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