Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh noes! Snowwwww!

So we finally have our first real snowfall of the season. I think Mary jinxed us because 30mins ago, she said "It's been such a nice and mild winter so far. Didn't even get any snow!" -_-

I sure hope most of it melts by the time I need to walk to work in the morning. I don't reallly want to eat asphault at the beginning of my work day...

MLK Holiday!

I <3 school holidays. I appreciate it so much more now since I never got this holiday off in the working world. As promised, I finally had time this weekend to upload our most wonderful holiday vacation.

Here was our list of places to eat/go before heading back to the NE. We accomplished quite a lot actually. We were pretty surprised!! I'm still a little sad that we couldn't fit an SD trip or Disneyland in, but it's okay! Next time!!

Lucille's - done
Sanuki No Sato - done
Road to Seoul - done
Mastro's - done
In N Out -done
Mako Sushi -done
PHO!!!! - done
Brodard - just me.
NBC dim sum -done
Mi Piace - done
Knott's Merry Farm
San Diego

Five year anniversay @ Mastro's. <3
The family @ the Bellagio Las Vegas.

I've posted the rest on fB, so click here to see them. Some pictures are missing because we were so excited to eat that we forgot to take pictures. >.< Looking back at these pictures reminds Brian and I what a great time we had with such great company!! Until next time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frigid Blast Welcoming Us Back Home.

Hey guys!! Brian and I miss everyone already! We were so happy to see all you guys and spend time with our dear family and friends. We had so much fun during our vacation! So much that the first day of school was a total drag. Plus they didn't even bother to ease my class back in. They just cruelly threw us back into a schedule that is even more hectic than before. With that said, I won't have anytime to post up pictures on here/fB until maybe this weekend at the earliest. Maybe even after Martin Luther King Day. Sorry!!

Anyways, going from awesome California weather to Boston bone chilling weather is not the least bit fun. It was 28 degrees during noon. Now it's almost 8 PM here, and it's 17 degrees. It's so cold that the news called the weather a "FRIGID BLAST." At least I finally get to use the earmuffs Leanne bought me. They are so cute!!