Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's over!!

Just took my final practical/MCQs for anatomy yesterday!! Weee... no more smelling like formaldehyde when I come home!! People have said that the anatomy course is a very rewarding experience, but they will never EVER do it again. I solemnly agree!! Farewell anatomy! Bye bye Netter's!

Anyways, my cousin Tammi freaked me out last week while I was trying to study LOL. It's already hard enough for me to studying for a long period of time without thinking & planning the wedding. She said I really REALLY need to start planning. I told her I'll start after April 25, which marks the end of Med Foundations III. So today, I made an appointment two weeks from now to look at wedding dresses. One thing down... a million more things to go. ^_^